3 Simple Ways To Adjust Your Behaviour That Can Make A Huge Difference

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Maybe you’ve resolved to eat better. News from your doctor, numbers on the scale, or just a general sense of “I can’t go on like this” can inspire us to want to make a change.

But where to start? There’s so much information out there; a lot of it conflicting. It’s hard to know who to trust. One thing most experts can agree on is we need less processed food and more real food. Other than that general guideline, you’ll need to make your own decisions about what’s healthy to consume for your particular body. We’re all very different.


It’s the most important thing they learn. Don’t make these 3 mistakes.

My good girl. Photo by Lisa Daum

I was having a relaxing walk in the off leash park with my dog. It was a beautiful sunny summer day. I heard him before I saw him.

“Plywood!! Plywood!!! PLYWOOD!!!! Goddammit!!! Get back here!!!!”

He had his hands cupped around his mouth, yelling at the top of his lungs.

It made me wonder. First of all, what kind of person names their dog Plywood. Secondly, what was going to happen to poor Plywood once he showed up?

I see it in the dog park and I see it with some of my neighbours — Dogs that don’t come when…

I knew I had to do something because I was so envious of anyone with a dog.

Photo by Lisa Daum

I was driving home after Run Club one Saturday morning and had to stop at a red light. On the sidewalk was a woman with long dark hair motoring along in a red electric wheelchair. She had a red leash in her hand. The other end of it was attached to the collar of a black lab who was trotting happily along beside her. I watched them for a moment and then burst into tears.

I missed my old dog so much. SO MUCH. She was nearly fifteen when one day she could just no longer stand.

There was nobody…

Do this 1 thing and no one gets hurt.

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It was 2016. My dad had passed away the year before. My mom was in the beginning stages of dementia before his death. After he died her mental state deteriorated exponentially. This was understandable, my dad was everything to her. She was sad, confused, and frightened which showed up in her behavior as defensiveness and anger. It was a complete turnaround for my normally kind and sweet mother. She would accuse me and the other people that cared for her of bizarre things. …

It’s almost too fast and too easy

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Has your doctor said you absolutely must start exercising? Do you need to start making more sales calls or contacting more client leads because your bank balance is distressing you? Whatever habit you need to add, I have a nearly foolproof method for developing it and making it stick.

You’ve likely heard or read that one way to incorporate a new habit into your life is to tie it to one you already have. I shower every morning. The past few years I’ve made sure to do a few body weight exercises before getting in. This has worked fairly well…

You’re not lazy. This is why you’re stopped.

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There’s a big difference between regular old procrastination and failing to act at all. Another name for regular procrastinators is deadline driven. They may start later than some others may like them to, but they make their deadlines and do good work. It’s not a problem, but a particular style of working. I explore that further in the piece below.

Unfortunately some of us are dealing with something that’s disguised as procrastination, but is a completely different animal. We think it’s procrastination because we tell ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow, but the next day rolls around and something else happens…

My Mom’s address book

It’s exactly two weeks today since my dear, sweet Mom passed away. She was eighty-nine and living with dementia. It stole a great deal from her in the last ten years. Her kindness and gentleness remained, but her impressive intellect and organizational super powers waned and then disappeared. By the end she needed help to eat.

I’m an only child so when she passed away one of my jobs was to notify her family and friends. …

Image from pexels.com

I’m not going to start with the benefits of exercise. You already know them or you wouldn’t be reading this. It is helpful to think about those benefits, remembering every time you exercise you’re doing yourself a favour. I know it often doesn’t feel like a favour, it just feels difficult and uncomfortable. So how can you get yourself to WANT to exercise? How do you take away the dread and replace it with pleasant anticipation?

The most important thing is to start where you are, by which I mean, start easy. Really easy. Don’t let your impatience to get…

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When it comes to deadlines we’ve been taught that there are two different types of people in the world — those who procrastinate and those who start working on the task straight away. On top of that, we’ve been taught that the people who start right away are hard working, well-adjusted, and full of virtue. (Just ask them.) They should be proud. Procrastinators, on the other hand, are lazy, neurotic, and lack morals. They should be ashamed.

According to Mary Lamia PHD, authour of the book “What Motivates Getting Things Done” these are just two different motivational styles. Our emotions…

Lisa Daum

I love animals, reading, and writing. Also a student of human nature. People are weird, but it makes us interesting. Email me: uncoachable@uncoachable.org

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